Legacy Touch PC Client System to a Mobile App Transformation
To enhance user experience, the project focused on information architecture, real-time mode integration,
and user education during the transition from a legacy system to a mobile app design.
This project centers around the implementation of a real-time mode
In order to enhance the user experience, we have focused on three key areas: 1) the development of a comprehensive information architecture to structure and present content effectively 2) the integration of real-time mode into the mobile app 3) the education of users on the transition from a legacy system to a mobile app design. These efforts have been critical in optimizing the functionality and usability of the product.
Our Personas
Legacy Touch PC Client System
The Parlor stations (desktop legacy system)
Milking Effectiveness - Report page (desktop legacy system
The Solution
Flow Wireframes
Designed Screens
Milking Stations General View
This page serves as a remote control, displaying a list of stations in the parlor.
It is divided into two sections: "Not Paired Milking Points" and "Paired Milking Points.
"Not Paired Milking Points" section displays all stations that are currently unoccupied or
not matched with a cow. Users have the option to match these stations with
cows from this section.
"Paired Milking Points" section displays a list of all stations that are currently occupied by
cows and in the process of being milked.
Milking Station
The Milking Station page allows the user to view all relevant information about the cow during the milking process. The page includes a quicksort feature, which allows the user to activate a sorting action that will cause the cow to exit through a different exit. The page also includes an Events section, which displays any events that may be relevant to the milking process. The only event that can be paused or turned off from this page is the "Prevent Milking" event, as this is the only event that will halt the milking of the cow.

The milking effectiveness report provides real-time updates throughout the milking process, allowing the user to view all relevant data, alerts, and more remotely if they are not physically on the farm. This ensures that the user can stay informed about what is happening at the farm at all times.