Salesforce Integration: Enhanced Import-Export Section
Streamlining Data Management in Salesforce
Introduction - Management Page
In this Salesforce integration project, I developed an import-export section to enhance data management capabilities. Through a user-friendly interface, users can efficiently import and export data while performing various actions.
Import Section
The import section allows users to bring data into the Salesforce system. It offers two primary actions: excluding accounts and syncing accounts.
The main Call-to-Action (CTA) empowers users to select a specific field that will impact the subsequent actions.
Export Section
The export section facilitates seamless extraction of data from Salesforce.
It provides three key actions: exporting accounts, contacts, and leads. For fine-grained control, users can choose to edit the field mapping.
Mapping Page
Field Mapping
To edit the field mapping for one or all of the export options, users can select the "Edit Field Mapping" option. Upon selection, they will be directed to a mapping page with three tabs: accounts, contacts, and leads. Each tab allows users to conveniently choose the relevant fields they wish to map.
Task Analysis
Product Requirement
Default Fields
These default fields are pre-defined by the platform and require users to map them in order to complete their data mapping process effectively.
Single and Multiple Field Selection Options
Users can effortlessly choose individual fields or select multiple fields at once. This flexibility allows for efficient mapping of data, saving valuable time and effort.
Mandatory Fields
These fields are essential in Salesforce and must be mapped to ensure accurate data integration and compliance with platform requirements.
Pre-Defined Field with Custom Criteria
To further enhance customization, users can select a pre-defined field and insert their own criteria. This feature ensures adaptability to specific mapping requirements, providing a tailored solution for data integration.
Bulk option for pre-define fields
To enhance user experience, seamless tab navigation is implemented on the mapping page, enabling users to switch between accounts, contacts, and leads tabs effortlessly. Users can choose to map fields for each tab separately or opt for a convenient batch mapping feature that maps fields across all tabs simultaneously. Additionally, users can save all the mapping configurations with a single click using the dedicated "Save" button, streamlining the finalization of the mapping process.
By incorporating this import-export functionality into Salesforce, I provided users with a powerful tool to manage their data effectively. The intuitive interface and seamless integration contribute to a streamlined workflow, enhancing overall productivity.