Sales Solution - Product Overview
The page before any changes. In the nev bar there are only websites reports.
Changing the default page from website data to company data
Enhancing User Experience through Search Bar Intervention
When users interact with the search bar on the home page of the platform, they expect to obtain comprehensive insights about their company. However, prior to our intervention, the user was redirected to a page with data only for websites, thereby hindering their productivity.
54% of users search for a website in the search bar when on the home page
Users Interviews
Part of our work method is to engage in as many conversations with our users as possible. Understanding the platform's usage, the kinds of jobs they are trying to accomplish, and what gets in their way. Here are two examples of the questions we asked the users.  
“Searching each website of the relevant company”
“Go to The Competitors”
Q: What are you missing doing this job?
“Account Information”
“A place that shows all websites of the company together”
“Signals for the relevant websites”
From these interviews, we understood a critical point:
When trying to get new leads, the company's point of view is relevant for these users.
For them, it's not about the company websites ( &
but the company as a whole (Amazon).
Our Solution
MixPanel Data
On this chart we see that only 38% of users still navigate to “website performance” after visiting the “company overview” page. Meaning that the other 72% of users got the data they needed from “company overview” page.
Next Step
Adding a signal page for all relevant signals for the company. Helping the user to keep track of its changes over time.